Ramsgate Neighbourhood Plan Area

Ramsgate Neighbourhood Plan

Relevant Body

Ramsgate Town Council is a relevant body for the purposes of Section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Plan Area

Four public consultation meetings, including one with students of East Kent College, were held at venues around Ramsgate during February 2014.  Many area specific problems were identified during the consultations but the overall response from all four meetings was a desire for improvements across Ramsgate, and for the benefit of the whole community.

Information from the consultation meetings has been used to draft the statement submitted to TDC for approval and to guide the choice of policy areas that will form the framework of the plan.

Proposed Area: The seven wards that together make up the town of Ramsgate - Central Harbour, Eastcliff, Northwood, Nethercourt, Newington, part Cliffsend and Pegwell, Sir Moses Montefiore

Statement: This area was chosen because:

    • Ramsgate is a town with many advantages but also historic disadvantages: more advantaged areas tend to be wards along the coastal fringe whereas less advantaged areas lie inland and to the north;
    • The area is defined by electoral ward boundaries that also define the boundaries of the town ensuring a referendum can be administered accordingly;
    • The seven wards cover the area that is understood to be Ramsgate both administratively and by its residents;
    • Areas within Ramsgate have distinct characteristics and the town can be seen as a collection of smaller neighbourhoods, changes to one area will affect the others;
    • The inclusion of seven wards will facilitate the determination of shared objectives and avoid unnecessary duplication between individual neighbourhoods;
    • the inclusion of seven wards does not rule out an in-depth focus on the problems or potential of individual areas;
    • A comprehensive approach will promote communication and co-operation between all of Ramsgate's communities;
    • There are major development opportunities in neighbouring districts that will impact on the whole of Ramsgate;
    • A comprehensive approach will ensure the town is developed with consideration for informed wishes expressed by all its residents and workers at this critical stage in its history.

Proposed Ramsgate Neighbourhood Area



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